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Qpsmtpd::Connection(3) User Contributed Perl Documentation Qpsmtpd::Connection(3)

Qpsmtpd::Connection - A single SMTP connection

  my $rdns = $qp->connection->remote_host;
  my $ip = $qp->connection->remote_ip;

This class contains details about an individual SMTP connection. A connection lasts the lifetime of a TCP connection to the SMTP server.
See also Qpsmtpd::Transaction which is a class containing details about an individual SMTP transaction. A transaction lasts from "MAIL FROM" to the end of the "DATA" marker, or a "RSET" command, whichever comes first, whereas a connection lasts until the client disconnects.

These API docs assume you already have a connection object. See the source code if you need to construct one. You can access the connection object via the "Qpsmtpd" object's "$qp->connection" method.

Instantiates a new Qpsmtpd::Connection object.

Initializes the connection object with %args attribute data.

The remote host connecting to the server as looked up via reverse dns.

The remote IP address of the connecting host.

The remote port.

If your server does an ident lookup on the remote host, this is the identity of the remote client.

The local ip.

The local port.

Either "helo" or "ehlo" depending on how the remote client greeted your server.
NOTE: This field is empty during the helo or ehlo hooks, it is only set after a successful return from those hooks.

The host name specified in the "HELO" or "EHLO" command.
NOTE: This field is empty during the helo or ehlo hooks, it is only set after a successful return from those hooks.

Get or set a note on the connection. This is a piece of data that you wish to attach to the connection and read somewhere else. For example you can use this to pass data between plugins.

Returns a copy of the Qpsmtpd::Connection object. The optional args parameter may contain:
no_reset (1|0)
If true, do not reset the original connection object, the author has to care about that: only the cloned connection object is reset at the end of the connection

True if the client is allowed to relay messages.
2013-12-17 perl v5.28.1

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