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Qudo::Worker(3) User Contributed Perl Documentation Qudo::Worker(3)

Qudo::Worker - superclass for defining task behavior of Qudo's work

    package Myworker;
    use base qw/ Qudo::Worker /;
    sub work {
        my ($self , $job ) = @_;
        my $job_arg = $job->arg();
        print "This is Myworker's work. job has argument == $job_arg \n";
        $job->completed(); # or $job->abort

Qudo::Worker is based on all your work class of using Qudo.
Your application have to inherit Qudo::Worker anyway. And it has to have 'work' method too.
'work' method accept Qudo::Job object at parameter. If your work complete , you may call Qudo::Job-> complete() method.

    package Your::Worker;
    use base 'Qudo::Worker';
    sub max_retries { 2 }
    sub work { ... }
How many times it retries if worker doesn't succeed is set. It is retried two times in this example. By default, return 0. no retry.

    package Your::Worker;
    use base 'Qudo::Worker';
    sub retry_delay { 10 }
    sub work { ... }
returns the number of seconds after a failure workers should wait until retry a job that has already failed retry_delay times. By default,return 0 seconds

    package Your::Worker;
    use base 'Qudo::Worker';
    sub grab_for { 3600 }
    sub work { ... }
Returns the number of seconds workers of this class will claim a grabbed a job. By default,return 3600 seconds.

    package Your::Worker;
    use base 'Qudo::Worker';
    sub set_job_status { 1 }
    sub work { ... }
set the flag. When flag is the truth, the processing result of worker is preserved in DB.
2010-11-08 perl v5.28.1

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