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VCP::Dest::cvs(3) User Contributed Perl Documentation VCP::Dest::cvs(3)

VCP::Dest::cvs - cvs destination driver

   vcp <source> cvs:module
   vcp <source>
   vcp <source> cvs:/path/to/cvsroot:module --init-cvsroot
   vcp <source> cvs:/path/to/cvsroot:module --init-cvsroot --delete-cvsroot
where module is a cvs module or directory that already exists within CVS.

This driver allows vcp to insert revisions in to a CVS repository.
Checks out the indicated module or directory in to a temporary directory and use it to add, delete, and alter files.
If the module does not exist it is created with "cvs import."
TODO: Skip all directories named "CVS", in case a CVS tree is being imported. Perhaps make it fatal, but use an option to allow it. In this case, CVS directories can be detected by scanning revs before doing anything.

Initializes a cvs repository in the directory indicated in the cvs CVSROOT spec. Refuses to init a non-empty directory.
If "--init-cvsroot" is passed and the target directory is not empty, it will be deleted. THIS IS DANGEROUS AND SHOULD ONLY BE USED IN TEST ENVIRONMENTS.

Does not handle "clone" revisions properly. "clone" revisions are generated by VCP::Source::cvs when a branch is given two branch tags. See VCP::Source::cvs for more details.

Barrie Slaymaker <>

Copyright (c) 2000, 2001, 2002 Perforce Software, Inc. All rights reserved.
See VCP::License ("vcp help license") for the terms of use.
2004-11-04 perl v5.28.1

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