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VCP::Dest::revml(3) User Contributed Perl Documentation VCP::Dest::revml(3)

VCP::Dest::revml - Outputs versioned files to a revml file

   revml:[<output-file>] --dtd <revml.dtd>
   revml:[<output-file>] --version <version>
   revml:[<output-file>] --compress
   revml:[<output-file>] --no-indent

The --dtd (or --version) option causes the output to be checked against a particular version of revml. This does not cause output to be in that version, but makes sure that output is compliant with that version.
Generate a gzipped revml file as output. Requires gzip be installed on the machine.
If the output filename ends in ".gz", the output will be compressed even if the --compress flag isn't present.
Makes the revml output with all the start tags flush left rather than indented to indicate the tree structure.

Creates a new instance. The only parameter is '-dtd', which overrides the default DTD found by searching for modules matching RevML::DTD:v*.pm.
Attempts to create the output file if one is specified.
set the repo_spec, but die if no good. this should be called from a ui handler that will handle exceptions.

Can consume all available memory and disk space because this driver keeps all old revisions around (metadata in RAM, file images on disk) so that diff()s may be run against the parent revision when a branch is made.
This behavior is not completely necessary, but because RevML is currently only used for testing and analysis of small filesets, this limitation is acceptable.
We can add a command line option to disable this behavior by limiting (to 0 or to some cache size) the number of revs kept around and letting files that have no previous rev handy be emitted in their entirety instead of use a diff. We could also use an on-disk store for the metadata if that would help. Let us know your needs.

Barrie Slaymaker <>

Copyright (c) 2000, 2001, 2002 Perforce Software, Inc. All rights reserved.
See VCP::License ("vcp help license") for the terms of use.
2004-11-04 perl v5.28.1

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