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XML::DOM2::Element::DocumentType(3) User Contributed Perl Documentation XML::DOM2::Element::DocumentType(3)

  XML::DOM2::Element::DocumentType - XML DocumentType

  Provides a DocumentType element for documents

Creates a new documentType object
  - name       qualified name of the document to be created.
  - publicid   The external subset public identifier.
  - systemid   The external subset system identifier.

$document = $document->ownerDocument;
Returns the document that this type is within, undef if orphaned.

The name of DTD; i.e., the name immediately following the DOCTYPE keyword.

A NamedNodeMap containing the general entities, both external and internal, declared in the DTD. Parameter entities are not contained. Duplicates are discarded.

Returns a HASH containing the notations declared in the DTD. Duplicates are discarded. Every node in this map also implements the Notation interface.
The DOM Level 2 does not support editing notations, therefore notations cannot be altered in any way.

Returns the public identifier of the external subset.

Returns the system identifier of the external subset.

The internal subset as a string.
Note: The actual content returned depends on how much information is available to the implementation. This may vary depending on various parameters, including the XML processor used to build the document.

  Returns the document type definition information.

Martin Owens,

perl(1), XML::DOM2, XML::DOM2::Element, XML::DOM2::DOM
<> DOM at the W3C
2007-11-21 perl v5.28.1

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