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XML::Rewrite::Schema(3) User Contributed Perl Documentation XML::Rewrite::Schema(3)

XML::Rewrite::Schema - transform schemas

   is a XML::Rewrite
   is a XML::Compile::Cache
   is a XML::Compile::Schema
   is a XML::Compile

 my $rewriter = XML::Rewriter::Schema->new(...);
 my ($type, $data) = $rewriter->process($file);
 my $doc = $rewriter->buildDOM($type => $data);

Implements additional transformations, available for SCHEMA (version 2001) specific extension.
Feel invited to contribute ideas of useful features.

XML::Rewrite::Schema-> new([SCHEMA], OPTIONS)
 Option               --Defined in     --Default
 allow_undeclared       XML::Compile::Cache  <true>
 any_attribute          XML::Compile::Cache  'ATTEMPT'
 any_element            XML::Compile::Cache  'ATTEMPT'
 attribute_form                          <undef>
 blanks_before          XML::Rewrite     'NONE'
 change                 XML::Rewrite     'TRANSFORM'
 comments               XML::Rewrite     'KEEP'
 defaults_writer        XML::Rewrite     'IGNORE'
 element_form                            <undef>
 expand_includes                         <false>
 hook                   XML::Compile::Schema  undef
 hooks                  XML::Compile::Schema  []
 ignore_unused_tags     XML::Compile::Schema  <false>
 key_rewrite            XML::Compile::Schema  []
 opts_readers           XML::Compile::Cache  []
 opts_rw                XML::Compile::Cache  []
 opts_writers           XML::Compile::Cache  []
 output_compression     XML::Rewrite     <undef>
 output_encoding        XML::Rewrite     <undef>
 output_standalone      XML::Rewrite     <undef>
 output_version         XML::Rewrite     <undef>
 prefixes               XML::Compile::Cache  <smart>
 remove_annotation                       <false>
 remove_elements        XML::Rewrite     []
 remove_id_constraints                   <false>
 schema_dirs            XML::Compile     undef
 target_namespace                        <undef>
 typemap                XML::Compile::Schema  {}
 use_default_namespace  XML::Rewrite     <false>
. allow_undeclared => BOOLEAN
. any_attribute => CODE|'TAKE_ALL'|'SKIP_ALL'|'ATTEMPT'
. any_element => CODE|'TAKE_ALL'|'SKIP_ALL'|'ATTEMPT'
. attribute_form => 'qualified'|'unqualified'
. blanks_before => 'ALL'|'CONTAINERS'|'NONE'
. change => 'REPAIR'|'TRANSFORM'
. comments => 'REMOVE'|'KEEP'
. defaults_writer => 'EXTEND'|'IGNORE'|'MINIMAL'
. element_form => 'qualified'|'unqualified'
. expand_includes => BOOLEAN
Include all the "include" files recursively, and merge their content with the main schema.
. hooks => ARRAY-OF-HOOK
. ignore_unused_tags => BOOLEAN|REGEXP
. key_rewrite => HASH|CODE|ARRAY-of-HASH-and-CODE
. opts_readers => HASH|ARRAY-of-PAIRS
. opts_rw => HASH|ARRAY-of-PAIRS
. opts_writers => HASH|ARRAY-of-PAIRS
. output_compression => -1, 0-8
. output_encoding => CHARSET
. output_standalone => BOOLEAN|'yes'|'no'
. output_version => STRING
. prefixes => HASH|ARRAY-of-PAIRS
. remove_annotation => BOOLEAN
. remove_elements => ARRAY
. remove_id_constraints => BOOLEAN
Remove the identity constraints (key, keyref, and unique elements) from the schema.
. target_namespace => URI
. typemap => HASH
. use_default_namespace => BOOLEAN

$obj-> addHook(HOOKDATA|HOOK|undef)
See "Accessors" in XML::Compile::Schema
$obj-> addHooks(HOOK, [HOOK, ...])
See "Accessors" in XML::Compile::Schema
$obj-> addKeyRewrite(CODE|HASH, CODE|HASH, ...)
See "Accessors" in XML::Compile::Schema
$obj-> addSchemaDirs(DIRECTORIES|FILENAME)
XML::Rewrite::Schema-> addSchemaDirs(DIRECTORIES|FILENAME)
See "Accessors" in XML::Compile
$obj-> addSchemas(XML, OPTIONS)
See "Accessors" in XML::Compile::Schema
$obj-> addTypemap(PAIR)
See "Accessors" in XML::Compile::Schema
$obj-> addTypemaps(PAIRS)
See "Accessors" in XML::Compile::Schema
$obj-> allowUndeclared([BOOLEAN])
See "Accessors" in XML::Compile::Cache
$obj-> hooks
See "Accessors" in XML::Compile::Schema
$obj-> prefixes([PAIRS])
See "Accessors" in XML::Compile::Cache

$obj-> compile(('READER'|'WRITER'), TYPE, OPTIONS)
See "Compilers" in XML::Compile::Schema
$obj-> compileAll(['READER'|'WRITER'|'RW', [NAMESPACE]])
See "Compilers" in XML::Compile::Cache
See "Compilers" in XML::Compile
$obj-> reader(TYPE|NAME, OPTIONS)
See "Compilers" in XML::Compile::Cache
$obj-> template('XML'|'PERL', TYPE, OPTIONS)
See "Compilers" in XML::Compile::Schema
$obj-> writer(TYPE|NAME)
See "Compilers" in XML::Compile::Cache

See "Administration" in XML::Compile::Cache
$obj-> elements
See "Administration" in XML::Compile::Schema
$obj-> findName(NAME)
See "Administration" in XML::Compile::Cache
$obj-> findSchemaFile(FILENAME)
See "Administration" in XML::Compile
$obj-> importDefinitions(XMLDATA, OPTIONS)
See "Administration" in XML::Compile::Schema
$obj-> knownNamespace(NAMESPACE|PAIRS)
XML::Rewrite::Schema-> knownNamespace(NAMESPACE|PAIRS)
See "Administration" in XML::Compile
$obj-> namespaces
See "Administration" in XML::Compile::Schema
$obj-> printIndex([FILEHANDLE], OPTIONS)
See "Administration" in XML::Compile::Cache
$obj-> types
See "Administration" in XML::Compile::Schema
$obj-> walkTree(NODE, CODE)
See "Administration" in XML::Compile

$obj-> buildDOM(TYPE, DATA, OPTIONS)
See "Processing" in XML::Rewrite
$obj-> process(XMLDATA, OPTIONS)
See "Processing" in XML::Rewrite
$obj-> repairXML(TYPE, XML, DETAILS)
See "Processing" in XML::Rewrite
$obj-> transformData(TYPE, DATA, DETAILS)
See "Processing" in XML::Rewrite

Error: cannot find pre-installed name-space files
Use $ENV{SCHEMA_LOCATION} or new(schema_dirs) to express location of installed name-space files, which came with the XML::Compile distribution package.
Error: don't known how to interpret XML data

This module is part of XML-Rewrite distribution version 0.10, built on August 11, 2008. Website:
All modules in this suite: XML::Compile, XML::Compile::SOAP, XML::Compile::SOAP::Daemon, XML::Compile::Tester, XML::Compile::Cache, XML::Rewrite, XML::Compile::Dumper.
Please post questions or ideas to the mailinglist at For life contact with other developers, visit the "#xml-compile" channel on "".

Copyrights 2008 by Mark Overmeer. For other contributors see ChangeLog.
This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself. See
2008-08-11 perl v5.28.1

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