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XmtDialogGetDialogValues(3) FreeBSD Library Functions Manual XmtDialogGetDialogValues(3)

XmtDialogGetDialogValues(), XmtDialogSetDialogValues() - transfer values between the fields of a data structure and the widgets of a dialog box.

#include <Xmt/Dialog.h>
void XmtDialogGetDialogValues(Widget dialog, XtPointer address)
void XmtDialogSetDialogValues(Widget dialog, XtPointer address)

Any widget in a dialog box created with XmtBuild Dialog() or XmtBuildQueryDialog()-generally the dialog shell or the child of that shell.
The address of a data structure from which or to which data is to be transferred.

XmtDialogGetDialogValues() and XmtDialogSetDialogValues() first look up the resource list associated with the dialog box of the widget dialog. This is the resource list that was specified in the call to XmtBuildDialog() or XmtBuildQueryDialog() when the dialog was created. (Or it is the resource list specified with XmtDialogBindResourceList() before dialog was created.) Each element in this array of resources describes a field in the data structure pointed to by address, and each element may also be bound to a widget in the dialog box specified by dialog (using a special syntax in the xmtChildren resource.) See Chapter 29, Custom Dialogs and Automatic Dialog Management, for details on these mappings between the data structure, the resource list, and the widgets of the dialog box.
For each element of the resource list, XmtDialogGetDialogValues() reads a data value from a widget in the dialog box and stores it into a field in the data structure pointed to by address.
XmtDialogSetDialogValues() does the opposite: for each ele ment in the resource list, it copies a value from the data structure and store it into the corresponding widget in the dialog box.
The actual job of querying and setting values on particular widgets in the dialog is done by the ``get value'' and ``set value'' procedures registered for widgets of those types. See Chapter 29 and XmtRegisterWidgetTypes() for more information.

Chapter 29, Custom Dialogs and Automatic Dialog Management, XmtBuildDialog(), XmtBuildQueryDialog(), XmtDialogBindResourceList(), XmtDialogDo(), XmtDialogGetDefaultValues().
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