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XmtIconifyShell(3) FreeBSD Library Functions Manual XmtIconifyShell(3)

XmtIconifyShell(), XmtDeiconifyShell(), XmtRaiseShell(), XmtLowerShell() - perform window manager manipulations on shell widgets.

#include <Xmt/Xmt.h>
void XmtIconifyShell(Widget w)
void XmtDeiconifyShell(Widget w)
void XmtRaiseShell(Widget w)
void XmtLowerShell(Widget w)

The toplevel shell (i.e. not a dialog shell) that is to be manipulated, or any child of that toplevel shell.

XmtIconifyShell() iconifies the specified shell widget.
XmtDeiconifyShell() un-iconifies the specified shell widget.
XmtRaiseShell() un-iconifies the specified shell widget, if necessary, and raises the shell window to to the top of the window stack.
XmtLowerShell() un-iconifies the specified shell widget, if necessary, and lowers the shell window to to the bottom of the window stack.
These functions all work in a way that is compatible with ICCCM-compliant window managers. It is safe to call these functions even for shell widgets that have not been realized yet.

XmtFocusShell() goes a step beyond XmtRaiseShell()-it deiconifies and raises a shell, and also sets keyboard focus to it.
Remember that the user can iconify, deiconify, raise, and lower windows through the window manager. You can use these functions to provide shortcuts for window manager actions, but you should call them only in response to an explicit user request to manipulate the window-otherwise you risk confusing the user. You might use XmtRaiseShell(), for example when the user selects an item from a Windows menu of your application, for example

Chapter 15, Working with the Window Manager, XmtFocusShell().
Motif Tools Xmt

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