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XmtMsgLineSet(3) FreeBSD Library Functions Manual XmtMsgLineSet(3)

XmtMsgLineSet(), XmtMsgLineAppend(), XmtMsgLinePrintf(), XmtMsgLineClear() - display messages in an XmtMsgLine widget.

#include <Xmt/MsgLine.h>
void XmtMsgLineSet(Widget w, String msg)
void XmtMsgLineAppend(Widget w, String msg)
void XmtMsgLinePrintf(Widget w, String fmt, ...)
void XmtMsgLineClear(Widget w, int when)

An XmtMsgLine widget.
The message to be displayed in or appended to w.
For XmtMsgLinePrintf(), a printf()-style format string.
For XmtMsgLinePrintf(), a printf()-style variable length argument list of values to be substituted into fmt.
For XmtMsgLineClear(), specifies when the XmtMsgLine widget should be cleared. Specify a delay in milliseconds, or one of the constants XmtMsgLineNow or XmtMsgLineOnAction.

XmtMsgLineSet() displays message msg in the XmtMsgLine widget w, erasing any text previously displayed in that widget.
XmtMsgLineAppend() appends msg to whatever text is already displayed in w.
XmtMsgLinePrintf() substitutes the values in its variable length argument list into fmt and appends the resulting mes sage to whatever text is already displayed in w.
XmtMsgLineClear() clears any text that is displayed in the XmtMsgLine widget w, either immediately, or at a later time, depending on the value of the when argument. If when is XmtMsgLineNow, then the message line is cleared immediately. If when is XmtMsgLineOnAction, then the message line is cleared when the next user action (key press our mouse click, for example) occurs. Otherwise, if when is neither of these constants, then it is taken as a time in milliseconds, and the message line will be cleared after the specified time elapses.
It is legal to call XmtMsgLineClear() twice so that the message line will be cleared either when a user action occurs or a specified amount of time elapses. If there an XmtMsgLine has a clear ``pending'', and some other XmtMsgLine procedure is called ( XmtMsgLineAppend(), e.g.), then the clear will be performed immediately before the other procedure takes effect.

Chapter 22,
XmtMsgLine, XmtMsgLineGetChar(), XmtMsgLineGetDouble(), Xmt MsgLineGetInput(), XmtMsgLineGetInt(),XmtMsgLineGetString(), XmtMsgLineGetUnsigned(), XmtMsgLinePop(), XmtMsgLinePush(), XmtMsgLineSetInput().
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