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XmtProgress(3) FreeBSD Library Functions Manual XmtProgress(3)

XmtProgress - a Percent Progress Widget

Include File:
#include <Xmt/Progress.h>
Class Name:
Class Pointer:
Class Hierarchy:
Core → XmPrimitive → XmtProgress

The XmtProgress widget is a widget which will display a percentage value graphically. It can display in three styles: a continuous bar, a stepped bar, or a circle. As a stepped bar, it looks much like a similar control on a popular desktop OS.
It can be used to display the progress, or percentage completion, of a task; it can also be used for other visually similar indicators, such as thermometers, gauges, or similar items.
The display normally sweeps from left to right, or bottom to top, for the linear displays; for the circular displays, it sweeps in a counter-clockwise direction from the vertical. However, the XmtNreverse resource, if set, will cause it to sweep in the opposite direction.
The stepped display will have a shadow around each step, unless the XmPrimitive XmNshadowThickness resource is zero. Each step is filled when the progress value reaches or exceeds that point.
If desired, the widget can display the current percentage value or an arbitrary label centered within itself.
The convenience routines XmtProgressSet(), XmtProgressGet, and XmtProgressClear allow quick and efficent access to the widget's value setting.
Cli inherits the resources of the XmPrimitive class, overriding the default of XmNtraversalOn to False, and XmNhighlightThickess to 0, and defines the following new resources:
Name Type Class Access Default
XmtNfillColor XmtRPixel XmtCForeground CSG Dynamic
XmtNfontList XmtRXmFont XmtCFontList CSG Dynamic
XmtNlabelBoxed XmtRBoolean XmtCLabelBoxed CSG False
XmtNlabelString XmtRXmString XmtCLabelString CSG NULL
XmtNlabelXOR XmtRBoolean XmtCLabelXOR CSG False
XmtNmargin XmtRDimension XmtCMargin CSG 2
XmtNorientation unsigned char XmtCOrientation CSG XmHORIZONTAL
XmtNrenderTable XmtRXmRenderTable XmtCRenderTable CSG dynamic
XmtNreverse XmtRBoolean XmtCReverse CSG False
XmtNshowPercent XmtRBoolean XmtCShowPercent CSG dynamic
XmtNstepSpacing XmtRDimension XmtCStepSpacing CSG 2
XmtNstepWidth XmtRDimension XmtCStepWidth CSG dynamic
XmtNstyle XmtRXmtProgressStyle XmtCStyle CSG XmtCONTINUOUS
XmtNvalue XmtRint XmtCValue CSG 0
The color used for the filled portion of the widget. This defaults to the Motif select color.
The font used to display the percentage or label. In Motif 2.0 and later, this is an obsolete resource; XmtNrenderTable should be used instead. This defaults to the Motif default font.
Whether the label should be displayed filled with the background color. Note that this usually produces poor results if XmtNlabelXOR is true. This defaults to False.
If non-NULL and XmtNshowPercent is False, this label string is displayed centered in the widget. This defaults to NULL.
Draw the label, or percentage, using XOR, so that it appears inverted against the background or fill color. This defaults to False.
The margin between the edge of the widget and the percentage display. This defaults to 2.
The orientation of the display, when XmtNstyle is XmtPROGRESS_CONTINUOUS or XmtPROGRESS_STEPPED. It can be XmVERTICAL or XmHORIZONTAL, and defaults to XmHORIZONTAL.
For Motif 2.0 and later, this is the font rendition table for the label or percentage display.
Reverse the direction of the display. For horizontal continuous or stepped displays, display from right to left; for vertical continuous or stepped, display from bottom to top. For circular displays, sweep in a clockwise direction. This defaults to False.
Whether or not the widget display the current percentage setting. If this resource is True, then the widget will display the current percentage, as an integer, in the center of the widget. If False, then the widget will display the XmtNlabelString, if set, or nothing. This defaults to True for the XmtPROGRESS_CONTINUOUS and XmtPROGRESS_CIRCLE styles, and False for the XmtPROGRESS_STEPPED style.
When the widget is in stepped mode, this is the spacing between each step block, not including the shadow, if any. This defaults to 2.
When the widget is in stepped mode, this is the size of the steps, in the direction of the current orientation. If set to 0 (the default), the widget computes the step width so that the steps are approximately square.
If the steps, with the spacing, are not an exact multiple of the widget's interior width, then the last step will be shorted as necessary.
The display style of the Progress widget. This can be:
A continous bar.
A series of squares. As the value reaches the end of each square, the square is filled.
A circle (or, more precisely, an ellipse). The filled area of the circle sweeps from the vertical around the circle (counterclockwise if XmtNreverse is False, and clockwise otherwise). The ellipse fills the interior of the widget, so it will only be circular if the widget is square.
The current value. This ranges from 0 to XmtPROGRESS_MAX; it is in 1/100ths of a percent (so that 1% is 100).
The Progress widget has no callbacks.
The Progress widget inherits an unmodified set of the XmPrimitive widget translations.

XmtProgressClear(), XmtProgressGet(), XmtProgressSet(), XmtProgressCreate().
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