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XmtSetValue(3) FreeBSD Library Functions Manual XmtSetValue(3)

XmtSetValue(), XmtSetTypedValue() - set a named widget resource to a named value.

#include <Xmt/SetValue.h>
void XmtSetValue(Widget w, String resource, String value)
void XmtSetTypedValue(Widget w, String resource, String type, String value)

The widget that is to have its resource set.
The name of the resource to set.
For XmtSetTypedValue() only, the representation type of the resource.
The value of the resource, as a string. These functions will automatically convert the string to its appropriate form.

XmtSetValue() and XmtSetTypedValue() are procedures designed for use in resource files with the Xmt String-to-Callback converter. They allow you to set a named widget resource to a value specified as a string.
XmtSetValue() takes a widget, the name of a resource, and the value of the resource, expressed as a string. It queries the widget to determine the type of the named resource, converts the specified string value to that type, and then calls XtSetValues() to set the resource on the widget.
XmtSetTypedValue() is a similar function, except that it takes a widget, resource name, resource type, and then the resource value expressed as a string. This version of the function is necessary for those resources, such as the XmNvalue resource of the XmText widget (in Motif 1.1), that are implemented within subparts of the widget, rather than as part of the main resource list for the widget. For these resources, the type must be specified explicitly because Xmt cannot determine the resource type by examining the widget's internal resource list.
For XmtSetTypedValue(), the resource type is a ``representation type'' such as XtRString or XtRInt. The values of these symbolic constants are the strings ``String'' and ``Int''. In general, there is no good way to know when you need to use XmtSetTypedValue() instead of XmtSetValue(). Your widget documentation might tell you, or you might see a warning message when you call XmtSetValue().

Chapter 10, Callbacks in Resource Files.
Motif Tools Xmt

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