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Z80-CPU(3) Z80 CPU layout Z80-CPU(3)

F, A, B, C, D, E, H, L, F_, A_, B_, C_, D_, E_, H_, L_, IXl, IXh, IYl, IYh, IX, IY, SP, PC, I, R, IM DATA, ADDRESS, IFF0, IFF1,IFF2, IFF3, cpu_rd, cpu_wr, cpu_iorq, cpu_mreq, cpu_m1, cpu_halts, cpu_wait, cpu_int, cpu_reset, cpu_busrq, cpu_busack

#include <z80-global>
unsigned char F, A, B, C, D, E, H, L;
unsigned char F_, A_, B_, C_, D_, E_, H_, L_;
unsigned char IXl, IXh, IYl, IYh;
unsigned short IX, IY, SP, PC;
unsigned char I, R, IM;
unsigned char DATA;
unsigned short ADDRESS;
bit IFF0, IFF1,IFF2, IFF3;
bit cpu_rd, cpu_wr, cpu_iorq, cpu_mreq, cpu_m1, cpu_halts, cpu_wait, cpu_int, cpu_reset, cpu_busrq, cpu_busack
unsigned long ticks;

These variables allow direct CPU manipulation.
F indicates the F-register.
A, B, C, D, E, H, L indicate the general purpose 8bit registers.
F_ indicates the F'-register.
A_, B_, C_, D_, E_, H_, L_ indicate the 2nd bank general purpose 8bit registers.
IXl, IXh, IYl, IYh indicate the 8bit registers made up the index registers.
IX, IY indicate the two 16bit index registers.
SP indicates the 16bit stack pointer register.
PC indicates the 16bit program counter register.
I indicates the 8bit interrupt register.
R indicates the 8bit refresh register.
IM indicates the 2bit interrupt mode.
IFF0 indicates the internal EI-flipflop.
IFF1, IFF2 indicate the internal interrupt flipflops.
IFF3 indicates the internal edge-triggred interrupt NMI-flipflop.
DATA indicates the 8 CPU-DATA pins.
ADDR indicates the 16 CPU-ADDRESS pins.
The following 5 pins represent the system control bus:
cpu_rd indicates the CPU-READ pin.
cpu_wr indicates the CPU-WRITE pin.
cpu_iorq indicates the CPU-IO_REQUEST pin.
cpu_mreq indicates the CPU-MEMORY_REQUEST pin.
cpu_m1 indicates the CPU-MACHINE-CYCLE-1 pin.
cpu_halts indicates the CPU-HALT pin.
cpu_wait indicates the CPU-WAIT pin.
cpu_int indicates the CPU-INTERRUPT pin.
cpu_reset indicates the CPU-RESET pin.
cpu_busrq indicates the CPU-BUS_RQ pin.
cpu_busack indicates the CPU-BUS_ACK pin.

.CPU is a binary file which contains at least 32 byte coding the current CPU status.

z80-memory(3), z80-mon(1)
03 Jun 2005 Z80-CPU Version 2.3

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