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CK_HS_FAS(3) FreeBSD Library Functions Manual CK_HS_FAS(3)

fetch and store key in hash set

Concurrency Kit (libck, -lck)

#include <ck_hs.h>

ck_hs_fas(ck_hs_t *hs, unsigned long hash, const void *key, void **previous);

The ck_hs_fas(3) function will fetch and store the key specified by the key argument in the hash set pointed to by the hs argument. The key specified by key is expected to have the hash value specified by the hash argument (which was previously generated using the CK_HS_HASH(3) macro).

If the call to ck_hs_fas(3) was successful then the key specified by key was successfully stored in the hash set pointed to by hs. The key must already exist in the hash set, and is replaced by key and the previous value is stored into the void pointer pointed to by the previous argument. If the key does not exist in the hash set then the function will return false and the hash set is unchanged. This function is guaranteed to be stable with respect to memory usage.

Upon successful completion, ck_hs_fas(3) returns true and otherwise returns false on failure.

Behavior is undefined if key or hs are uninitialized.

ck_hs_init(3), ck_hs_move(3), ck_hs_destroy(3), CK_HS_HASH(3), ck_hs_iterator_init(3), ck_hs_next(3), ck_hs_get(3), ck_hs_put(3), ck_hs_put_unique(3), ck_hs_remove(3), ck_hs_grow(3), ck_hs_rebuild(3), ck_hs_gc(3), ck_hs_count(3), ck_hs_reset(3), ck_hs_reset_size(3), ck_hs_stat(3)

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June 20, 2013

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