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mlx5io(4) FreeBSD Kernel Interfaces Manual mlx5io(4)

IOCTL interface to manage Connect-X 4/5 Mellanox network adapters

#include <dev/mlx5/mlx5io.h>

The mlx5io interface is provided for management of the Connect-X 4 and 5 network adapters in the aspects not covered by the generic network configuration, mostly related to the PCIe attachment and internal card working. Interface consists of the commands, which are passed by means of ioctl(2) on the file descriptor, opened from the /dev/mlx5ctl device node.
The following commands are implemented:
Take the snapshot of the firmware registers state and store it in the kernel buffer. The buffer must be empty, in other words, no dumps should be written so far, or existing dump cleared with the MLX5_FWDUMP_RESET command for the specified device. The argument for the command should point to the struct mlx5_fwdump_addr structure, containing the PCIe bus address of the device.
struct mlx5_fwdump_addr { 
	uint32_t domain; 
	uint8_t bus; 
	uint8_t slot; 
	uint8_t func; 
Clear the stored firmware dump, preparing the kernel buffer for the next dump. The argument for the command should point to the struct mlx5_fwdump_addr structure, containing the PCIe bus address of the device.
Fetch the stored firmware dump into the user memory. The argument to the command should point to the input/output struct mlx5_fwdump_get structure. Its devaddr field specifies the address of the device, the buf fields points to the array of struct mlx5_fwdump_reg of records of the registers values, the size of the array is specified in the reg_cnt field.
struct mlx5_fwdump_get { 
	struct mlx5_fwdump_addr devaddr; 
	struct mlx5_fwdump_reg *buf; 
	size_t reg_cnt; 
	size_t reg_filled; /* out */ 
On successfull return, the reg_filled field reports the number of the buf array elements actually filled with the registers values. If buf contains the NULL pointer, no registers are filled, but reg_filled still contains the number of registers that should be passed for the complete dump.
The struct mlx5_fwdump_reg element contains the address of the register in the field addr, and its value in the field val.
struct mlx5_fwdump_reg { 
	uint32_t addr; 
	uint32_t val; 

The /dev/mlx5ctl devfs(5) node is used to pass commands to the driver.

If successful, the IOCTL returns zero. Otherwise, -1 is returned and the global variable errno is set to indicate the error.

errno(2), ioctl(2), mlx5en(4), mlx5ib(4), mlx5tool(8) and pci(9).
February 20, 2018 FreeBSD 12.0-RELEASE

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