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UVC(4) FreeBSD Kernel Interfaces Manual UVC(4)

webcamd driver for UVC compliant USB devices


The uvc driver supports UVC compliant USB devices. UVC is a USB device class that describes devices capable of streaming video like webcams, digital camcorders, analog video converters, television tuners, and still-image cameras.

Devices using the uvc driver become available to other applications once webcamd(8) is loaded.

The uvc driver should work with the following USB devices. The usbconfig(8) command can be used to determine the VendorID:ProductID of a plugged in USB device.

VendorID:ProductID Device
0402:5606 VIT D2010 notebooks
0408:030c HP Pavilion DV6744/6750
0408:1030 faceVsion TouchCam
041e:4057 Creative Live! Cam Optia
041e:4058 Creative Live! Cam Optia AF
041e:4063 Creative Live! Cam Video IM Pro
041e:4065 Creative Live! Cam Optia Pro
041e:406a Creative Live! Cam Notebook Ultra
041e:4080 Creative Live! Cam Socialize HD
0458:505e Genius iSlim 330
0458:7055 Genius iSlim 2020AF
0458:705d Genius iSlim 2000AF
0458:706e Genius eFace 2025
0458:7070 Genius FaceCam 310
0458:7071 Genius iSlim 1300 V2
045e:00f8 Microsoft LifeCam NX-6000
045e:0723 LifeCam VX-7000
045e:074a Microsoft LifeCam VX-500
045e:075d Microsoft LifeCam Cinema
045e:0770 Microsoft LifeCam VX-700
046d:0802 Logitech Webcam C200
046d:0804 Logitech Webcam C250
046d:0805 Logitech Webcam C300
046d:0807 Logitech Webcam C500
046d:0808 Logitech Webcam C600
046d:0809 Logitech Webcam Pro 9000
046d:080a Logitech Portable Webcam C200
046d:0819 Logitech Webcam C210
046d:081d Logitech Webcam C310
046d:0821 Logitech Portable Webcam C910
046d:08c1 Logitech Quickcam Fusion
046d:08c2 Logitech Quickcam Orbit/Sphere MP
046d:08c3 Logitech Quickcam for Notebooks Pro
046d:08c5 Logitech Quickcam Pro 5000
046d:08c6 Logitech Quickcam Dell Notebook
046d:08c7 Logitech Quickcam Cisco VT Camera II
046d:08c9 Logitech Quickcam Ultra Vision
046d:08ca Logitech Quickcam Fusion 2006
046d:08cb Logitech Quickcam for Notebooks Pro
046d:08cc Logitech Quickcam Orbit/Sphere MP
046d:08ce Logitech Quickcam Pro 5000
046d:0990 Logitech Quickcam Pro 9000
046d:0991 Logitech Quickcam Pro for Notebooks
046d:0992 Logitech Quickcam Communicate Deluxe
046d:0994 Logitech Quickcam Orbit/Sphere AF
046d:09a1 Quickcam Communicate MP/S5500
046d:09a2 Quickcam Communicate Deluxe/S7500
046d:09a4 Logitech Quickcam E 3500
046d:09a5 Logitech Quickcam 3000 for Business
046d:09a6 Logitech Quickcam Vision Pro
046d:09b0 Acer notebooks OrbiCam
046d:09b2 Fujitsu notebooks Webcam
046d:09c0 Quickcam for Dell Notebooks
046d:09c1 Logitech Quickcam Deluxe
0471:0331 Philips SPC 1300NC
0471:0332 Philips SPC 1000NC
0471:0333 Philips SPC 620NC
0471:0334 Philips SPC 520/525NC
0471:2034 Philips SPC 530NC
0471:2037 Philips SPC 1330NC
0471:2038 Philips SPC 2050NC
0474:02da Sanyo Xacti HD2000
0474:0722 Sanyo W33SA
0474:0b0e Sanyo VPC-CA102
0489:d00a Traveler DC 8900
04cb:014c Fujifilm FinePix A340
04cb:016f Fujifilm FinePix S5500 Zoom
04cb:0172 Fujifilm FinePix E550
04da:2318 Panasonic Camcorder NV-GS11/230/250
04da:231a Panasonic Camcorder NV-GS11/230/250
04da:231d Panasonic NV-GS27/37/320/500
04da:231e Panasonic NV-GS27/37/320/500
04f2:a133 Maxell MaxCam MWC-1300D
04f2:a133 Chicony USB 2.0 1.3MP UVC Camera
04f2:a13c HP Deluxe Webcam KQ246AA
04f2:a13e Panda 10C
04f2:a147 Medion P86004 2MP Webcam with Headset
04f2:b008 Chicony USB 2.0 Camera
04f2:b012 Asus G1S notebooks
04f2:b013 Lenovo 3000 N200 notebooks
04f2:b015 HP notebooks
04f2:b016 HP notebooks
04f2:b018 Compal notebooks
04f2:b021 ViewSonic 1.3M VX2255WMB
04f2:b022 Gateway One C34xx notebooks
04f2:b023 HP Pavilion DV9560EG notebooks
04f2:b024 Packard Bell notebooks
04f2:b027 Gateway T-1616 notebooks
04f2:b029 Asus F6S notebooks
04f2:b033 Asus M70VM notebooks
04f2:b044 Acer Aspire 5535 notebooks
04f2:b062 Packard-Bell notebooks
04f2:b070 Toshiba Satellite L350D notebooks
04f2:b071 Asus N10JA2, EeePC 1000HE, K50IN
04f2:b073 MSI MS-1722 ID1 notebooks
04f2:b082 HP EliteBook 2530p notebooks
04f2:b083 HP Compaq 6830s notebooks
04f2:b084 Acer Aspire One D150
04f2:b105 Lenovo IdeaPad Y530 notebooks
04f2:b106 Asus G71V notebooks
04f2:b107 HP 2133 notebooks
04f2:b1b9 Asus U52F notebooks
04f2:b1bb Asus N82JV notebooks
04f2:b1be Asus UL30JT notebooks
04f2:b1e5 Asus K25JC notebooks
058f:3820 Alcor Micro AU3820 chipset
05a9:2640 Dell Inspiron 1420/1720 notebooks
05a9:2643 Dell SP2208WFP
05a9:2649 Dell SP2309W
05a9:7670 Dell XPS m1330 notebooks
05ac:8501 Apple built-in iSight
05c8:0103 FO13FF-65 PC-CAM
05ca:18a1 Dell Studio 1535 notebooks
05ca:18b7 Sony VPCS12J1E notebooks
05e3:0505 Msi Wind U100
0602:1001 ViCam
064e:a100 Acer notebooks OrbiCam
064e:a101 Acer notebooks CrystalEye
064e:a102 Acer Timeline 1810T notebooks
064e:a103 Acer Aspire 7730ZG-343G32Mn notebooks
064e:a110 HP TX2000 notebooks
064e:a111 Datron TW7A notebooks
064e:a116 Asus N20A notebooks
064e:a117 Acer 4930 notebooks
064e:a118 Dell Mini 9 netbooks
064e:a136 Asus UL50VT netbooks
064e:a219 Acer Aspire 5745G notebooks
064e:d101 Acer Aspire One AOA150-Ab netbooks
064e:e201 Lenovo Thinkpad Edge 13 notebooks"
06f8:3005 Hercules Dualpix Exchange
06f8:3007 Hercules Dualpix Chat and Show
06f8:300a Hercules Dualpix Infinite
06f8:3020 Malata PC-81005 netbooks and clones
090c:37b3 Lenovo G560 notebooks
090c:b370 Silicon Motion SM370 /371
090c:b371 iSonic W002
093a:2700 A4Tech PK-635K
093a:2700 Digital Innovations 1.3MP Webcam
093a:2800 DealExtreme USB 2.0 Camera
093a:2900 Agama V-315
0ac8:0336 Elecom UCAM-DLQ30 VC0336
0ac8:3313 TopSpeed USB 2.0 Camera B.
0ac8:332d Vega Techsolo TCA-4900
0ac8:3330 Sirius Xinyi Y867 LCD Prince
0ac8:3343 Fujitsu A6110 notebook
0ac8:3410 Venus Minoru3D
0ac8:3420 Venus Tevion MD 85872 and Minoru3D
0ac8:3450 A4Tech PK-333E
0ac8:c302 Samsung Q45 notebook
0ac8:c303 Saturn (Samsung screens)
0ac8:c315 HP Elite Autofocus Webcam
0ac8:c338 Namuge 2MP Webcam
0ac8:c338 Acer Aspire 5050, HP Pavilion DV6000
0c45:62c0 Trust SpotLight Webcam Pro
0c45:62c0 Centrios 1.3MP auto focus
0c45:62e0 MSI Starcam Racer
0c45:62f1 Avatec CMA-L688
0c45:6310 Trust Chat Webcam
0c45:63e0 Dell notebooks
0c45:63ea Dell Studio 1555 notebooks
0c45:6409 Nokia Booklet 3G netbooks
0c45:6415 Dell Inspiron 13z notebooks
0e8d:0004 MediaTek MT6227 phone
13d3:509b Asus EeePC T91 netbooks
13d3:5103 Medion Akoya All-in-one PC
13d3:5122 Asus U33JC notebooks
13d3:5130 Asus K40AE and K50IE notebooks
145f:013e Trust Megapixel USB2 WB-5600R
145f:013f Trust Megapixel USB2 Webcam
145f:0142 Trust WB-6250X Webcam
45f:015b Trust WB-8500X Webcam
174f:5212 HP Spartan notebooks
174f:5215 Syntek USB 2.0 UVC PC Camera
174f:5271 Syntek USB 2.0 UVC PC Camera
174f:5931 Samsung Q310 notebooks
174f:5a11 Asus A8Sc notebook
174f:5a31 Asus M50SV notebook
174f:5a35 Asus F3KE and G2S notebook
174f:8a12 Packard Bell Easynote MX52 notebooks
174f:8a33 Asus U3S notebooks
174f:8a34 JAOtech Smart Terminal
1778:0204 PEVO corp
177f:0060 Sweex
17dc:0202 Miricle 307K
17ef:1004 Lenovo Thinkpad T61 notebooks
17ef:480b Lenovo SL400 and SL500 notebooks
17ef:481c Lenovo SL510 notebooks
1871:01f0 Aveo Technology USB 2.0 Camera
1871:0306 Aveo Technology USB 2.0 Camera
18cd:cafe Pico iMage
18ec:3188 Manta MM-353 Plako
18ec:3288 FSC WebCam V30S
18ec:3290 Sabrent WCM-6LNV
18ec:3299 USB 2.0 Camera QC3231
199e:8101 DFx 21BU04
19ab:1000 Bodelin ProScope HR
19ab:1020 Bodelin ProScope HR2
19ff:0102 Dynex 1.3MP Webcam
1b3b:2951 MSI StarCam 370i
1c4f:3000 SiGma Micro USB Web Camera
1cac:a332 Kinstone C8
1cac:b288 Kinstone C18
1e4e:0100 USB 2.0 Camera
22b8:6006 Motorola MOTOROKR E6
5986:0100 Acer notebooks OrbiCam
5986:0101 Packard Bell Easynote SJ notebooks
5986:0102 Acer TravelMate 7720 notebooks
5986:0105 Acer Crystal Eye
5986:0141 Lenovo EasyCamera
5986:0200 Acer notebooks OrbiCam
5986:0202 Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo SI2636
5986:0203 Advent 4211 and MSI Wind notebooks
5986:0205 Lenovo N500 and U330 notebooks
5986:0241 MSI Wind Top AE1900 nettop
5986:0303 BisonCam NB Pro
eb1a:2571 eMPIA 27xx based camera
eb1a:2761 eMPIA 2761 based camera
eb1a:2771 Intelbras iPlug notebook

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The original uvc driver was written by Laurent Pinchart for the Video4Linux project. It was ported to the FreeBSD webcamd port by Hans Petter Selasky This man page was written by Dru Lavigne
January 18, 2011 FreeBSD

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