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EZJAIL.CONF(5) FreeBSD File Formats Manual (usd) EZJAIL.CONF(5)

configuration file for ezjail script

The file ezjail.conf contains settings that control the operation of the ezjail rc(8) script. It is also read by the ezjail-admin utility to figure out where it should perform its actions. Its path is set at installation time to /usr/local/etc/ezjail.conf, with an example file installed at /usr/local/etc/ezjail.conf.sample.
This file is really a shell script that is sourced by the ezjail-admin command at run-time. “(str)” denotes a string; it should be enclosed in quotes if it contains space. “(bool)” notes a boolean, whose possible values are “YES” and “NO”.

ezjail_jaildir (str)
Location of jail root directories.
Default: /usr/jails.
ezjail_jailtemplate (str)
Location of template jail used to create a new jail
Default: ${ezjail_jaildir}/newjail.
ezjail_jailbase (str)
Location of base jail, the one that is mounted to all jails
Default: ${ezjail_jaildir}/basejail.
ezjail_sourcetree (str)
Location of your copy of FreeBSD's source tree (refer to the ezjail-admin(8) utility for more information).
Default: /usr/src.
ezjail_flavours_dir (str)
Location of the flavours, where each directory is a different flavour.
Default: ${ezjail_jaildir}/flavours.
ezjail_ftphost (str)
This is where the install subcommand defaults to fetch its packages from.
ezjail_archivedir (str)
This is the default archive location for the ezjail-admin archive command.
Default: ${ezjail_jaildir}/ezjail_archives.

ezjail_default_execute (str)
This is the default command executed in a jail by ezjail-admin console.
Default: /usr/bin/login -f root.
ezjail_exec_start (str)
The command to execute in a jail when starting it.
Default: /bin/sh /etc/rc.

Default options for newly created jails. Used by the ezjail-admin(1) utility. Be careful about disabling ezjail_mount_enable.
ezjail_mount_enable (bool)
Controls whether /etc/fstab. hostname should be executed at jail startup time.
Default: YES.
ezjail_devfs_enable (bool)
Controls whether newly created jails are given a working /dev directory. (Refer to devfs(5) and jail(8) for more information).
Default: YES.
ezjail_devfs_ruleset (str)
Specifies which devfs ruleset should apply for newly created jails. (Refer to devfs(5) and jail(8) for more information).
Default: devfsrules_jail.
ezjail_procfs_enable (bool)
Controls whether newly created jails are given a working /proc directory. (Refer to procfs(5) and jail((8)) for more information).
Default: YES.
ezjail_fdescfs_enable (bool)
Controls whether newly created jails are given a working /dev/fd/ directory. (Refer to fdescfs((5)) and jail((8)) for more information).
Default: YES.
ezjail_uglyperlhack (bool)
Set to YES, if ezjail should provide a soft link from /usr/bin/perl to /usr/local/bin/perl in base jail.
Default: YES.
ezjail_default_flavour (str)
Controls which flavours should be used for newly created jails if none are given on the command line.
Default: none.
ezjail_imagetype (one of simple, bde, eli, zfs)
Type of jail to create when creating a jail with the -i flag without specifying the type explicitly.
Default: simple

ezjail_use_zfs (bool)
Set to YES, if ezjail should manage basejail and newjail in a separate ZFS-datasets.
Default: NO.
ezjail_use_zfs_for_jails (bool)
Set to YES, if ezjail should manage all new jails in their own ZFS-datasets. To override that on the command line, use ezjail-admin create -c simple for image based jails or ezjail-admin create -c '' for non-image jails.
Default: NO.
ezjail_jailzfs (str)
The name of the parent ZFS-dataset which ezjail will use to create jails on. It will be mounted in ezjail_jaildir. Setting this will automatically enable ezjail managing jails in separate ZFS-datasets.
Default: none.
ezjail_zfs_properties (str)
Default properties ZFS will use for creating datasets. See zfs(1m) for details. ADVANCED, be very careful!
Default: none.
ezjail_default_retention_policy (str)
Policy for the ezjail-admin snapshot subcommand to keep older snapshots. See ezjail-admin(1) for details.
Default: none.


ezjail-admin(1), ezjail(5), jail(8), devfs(5), fdescfs(5), procfs(5).

Dirk Engling ⟨⟩.
The man page is based on a draft by JoeB ⟨⟩ and was rewritten by Frederic Perrin ⟨⟩.
December 5, 2013 FreeBSD

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