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blockrage - a falling-blocks arcade game

blockrage [options]

Block Rage is a "falling-blocks" arcade game, inspired by a DOS classic. It features a two-player hotseat mode. In the future it should also feature nice graphics and sound.

Toggle fullscreen mode
Toggle doublesize mode
Capture a screenshot to $HOME/blockrage-scr.pcx
Pause the game
Exit the program immediately

Pause the game
Default key bindings for player 1:
Left Arrow
move block left
Right Arrow
move block right
Up Arrow
rotate block up
Down Arrow
rotate block down
Right Shift
drop block
Default key bindings for player 2:
move block left
move block right
rotate block up
rotate block down
drop block

(Assuming you didn't change the default key settings.) Use left/right arrows to move the falling piece left/right, up/down arrows to cycle it's tiles and right shift to make it fall faster.
Get three same pieces in a row (horizontal/vertical/diagonal) and boom! they dissappear and your score increases. You can earn even more points by inflicting chain reactions. A chain reaction happens when some pieces explode, the ones on top of them fall, and, forming a new line, explode again.

Default key settings for the other player are A,D (left,right) W,S (cycle), Q (drop).
If you inflict a chain reaction in hotseat mode, your opponent will get an unpleasant surprise in the form of a row of tiles inserted to the bottom of his playing board.

You needn't really use them. Everything listed here can be set using the ingame menu.
-p <1|2>
sets the number of players
+d <4|5|6>
sets the difficulty Easy/Medium/Hard
+l <1..10>
sets the starting level
+b <0,1,...>
chooses a block set (piece graphics)
+k1 <left> <right> <sh_up> <sh_down> <drop>
+k2 <left> <right> <sh_up> <sh_down> <drop>
sets player 1/2 controls you must enter five decimal numbers corresponding to SDLK_* keycodes e.g. +k1 276 275 303 273 274
+data <dataset>
chooses a dataset. the format is identical to the format of blockrage.cfg. example: +data br320

Typically you don't need to know anything about the game's RC and config files. They are designed so it just magically works... But if you are interested: the RC and config files can be of great use if you want to install on a multiuser system (you can customize default settings for the users, create a shared topten table, etc).
When you start Block Rage, it tries to find in order:
1. <EXECDIR>/blockrage.rc
here <EXECDIR> is the directory where the blockrage[.exe] executable is situated.
2. $HOME/.blockrage/blockrage.rc
3. /etc/games/blockrage/blockrage.rc
Whichever is found first is processed. That is typically (1) if the game is run from the source directory, or (3) if the game is run from the UNIX FHS filesystem. Also any user can override the system-wide settings by creating the file (2).
The .rc file contains 5 lines:
pathname of the system-wide config file
pathname of the user's config file
directory where the data files reside, trailed with slash
pathname of the file where topscores are stored
name of the dataset to use (a data/ subdir)
In the source package's src/ directory the file blockrage.rc enables the game to be run directly from the src/ directory. The file blockrage-fhs.rc is the RC file for running from the live filesystem. 'make install' copies this file to /etc/games/blockrage/blockrage.rc. (3)
After processing the .rc file, the config files are processed.

First the game tries to read the <user-config-file>. If it doesn't exist (meaning this user is running the game for the first time), if falls back to <sys-config-file>. If that cannot be found either, defaults are assumed.
The config file contains the key bindings, starting level, tileset, etc.

The HOME variable is used for ~ substitution in the RC file.

Might not work properly on big endian machines such as Solaris. The directcolor screenshot writing is a mess. Stuck ALT key when toggling fullscreen or doublesize in Windows. Switching from fullscreen to windowed mode fails on Windows. Audio skew is BIG on windows. And more...

Block Rage has been written in 1999-2005 by Jiri Svoboda <>. (Please do not list this e-mail address on your webpage, or list it in other packages, before contacting me firts)

This manpage describes Block Rage version 0.2.2

The Block Rage homepage at <>. Additional documentation is also available in the source distribution.
10 September 2005 Block Rage

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