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XTET42(6) FreeBSD Games Manual XTET42(6)

xtet42 - X version of tetris

xtet42 [ -p1 player1 ] [ -m1 machine1 ] [ -m2 machine2 [ -p2 player2> ] [ -c1 ] [ -c2 ]

-p1 player1
player1's name.
-p2 player2
player2's name.
-m1 machine1
player1's display.
-m2 machine2
player2's display.
player1 rotate clockwise (instead of anti-clockwise).
player2 rotate clockwise (instead of anti-clockwise).

Xtet42 - is a tetris game for one or two players running under the X window system.

The object of the game is very simple:
One player version -
From the top you will se a brick which contains of four blocks. You shall now move that brick down to the bottom of your screen. The object of the game is to make the brick fit into eachother so that you will make a solid wall. When you hva fullfilld one or more rows the vill dissaper and the wall will collaps.
Two players version -
Basically you vill play the two players version just like the one player version. You vill now see your opponent upside down underneath your area. When you fullfill one or more rows, your wall will collaps, and you aeria will be larger, and so squees you opponent to the bottom.

Move brick one block to the left : left_arrow,h,a,b
Move brick one block to the right : right_arrow,l,s,m
Move brick one block down : down_arrow,z,j,n
Move brick all the way down : space
Rotate brick (anti)clockwise : up_arrow,k,w,c

You will get points for each brick that you will place. You get bonus points when you drop the brick by pressing space. When you hav fullfilled one row you will get points. The more rows the more points. Four rows is worth a lot more the four times one row.

Probably plenty. Report any you find to

The program was written by Hugo Eide Gunnarsen at the Norwegian Institute of Technology. The program is currently maintained by Steinar Hamre at Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

X11 Programmer's Workshop, NTNU

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