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lightning-listtransactions - Command to get the list of transactions that was stored in the wallet.


The listtransactions command returns transactions tracked in the wallet. This includes deposits, withdrawals and transactions related to channels. A transaction may have multiple types, e.g., a transaction may both be a close and a deposit if it closes the channel and returns funds to the wallet.

  "id": 82,
  "method": "listtransactions",
  "params": {}

On success, an object containing transactions is returned. It is an array of objects, where each object contains:

hash (txid): the transaction id
rawtx (hex): the raw transaction
blockheight (u32): the block height of this tx
txindex (u32): the transaction number within the block
locktime (u32): The nLocktime for this tx
version (u32): The nVersion for this tx
inputs (array of objects): Each input, in order:
txid (txid): the transaction id spent
index (u32): the output spent
sequence (u32): the nSequence value
type (string, optional): the purpose of this input (EXPERIMENTAL_FEATURES only) (one of "theirs", "deposit", "withdraw", "channel_funding", "channel_mutual_close", "channel_unilateral_close", "channel_sweep", "channel_htlc_success", "channel_htlc_timeout", "channel_penalty", "channel_unilateral_cheat")
channel (short_channel_id, optional): the channel this input is associated with (EXPERIMENTAL_FEATURES only)

outputs (array of objects): Each output, in order:
index (u32): the 0-based output number
msat (msat): the amount of the output
scriptPubKey (hex): the scriptPubKey
type (string, optional): the purpose of this output (EXPERIMENTAL_FEATURES only) (one of "theirs", "deposit", "withdraw", "channel_funding", "channel_mutual_close", "channel_unilateral_close", "channel_sweep", "channel_htlc_success", "channel_htlc_timeout", "channel_penalty", "channel_unilateral_cheat")
channel (short_channel_id, optional): the channel this output is associated with (EXPERIMENTAL_FEATURES only)

type (array of strings, optional):
Reason we care about this transaction (EXPERIMENTAL_FEATURES only) (one of "theirs", "deposit", "withdraw", "channel_funding", "channel_mutual_close", "channel_unilateral_close", "channel_sweep", "channel_htlc_success", "channel_htlc_timeout", "channel_penalty", "channel_unilateral_cheat")

channel (short_channel_id, optional): the channel this transaction is associated with (EXPERIMENTAL_FEATURES only)

On failure, one of the following error codes may be returned:

-32602: Error in given parameters.

   "transactions": [
         "hash": "05985072bbe20747325e69a159fe08176cc1bbc96d25e8848edad2dddc1165d0",
         "rawtx": "02000000027032912651fc25a3e0893acd5f9640598707e2dfef92143bb5a4020e335442800100000017160014a5f48b9aa3cb8ca6cc1040c11e386745bb4dc932ffffffffd229a4b4f78638ebcac10a68b0561585a5d6e4d3b769ad0a909e9b9afaeae24e00000000171600145c83da9b685f9142016c6f5eb5f98a45cfa6f686ffffffff01915a01000000000017a9143a4dfd59e781f9c3018e7d0a9b7a26d58f8d22bf8700000000",
         "blockheight": 0,
         "txindex": 0,
         "locktime": 0,
         "version": 2,
         "inputs": [
               "txid": "804254330e02a4b53b1492efdfe207875940965fcd3a89e0a325fc5126913270",
               "index": 1,
               "sequence": 4294967295
               "txid": "4ee2eafa9a9b9e900aad69b7d3e4d6a5851556b0680ac1caeb3886f7b4a429d2",
               "index": 0,
               "sequence": 4294967295
         "outputs": [
               "index": 0,
               "satoshis": "88721000msat",
               "scriptPubKey": "a9143a4dfd59e781f9c3018e7d0a9b7a26d58f8d22bf87"

Vincenzo Palazzo <> wrote the initial version of this man page, but many others did the hard work of actually implementing this rpc command.

lightning-newaddr(7), lightning-listfunds(7)

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