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lightning-plugin - Manage plugins with RPC

plugin command [parameter] [second_parameter]

The plugin RPC command allows to manage plugins without having to restart lightningd. It takes 1 to 3 parameters: a command (start/stop/startdir/rescan/list) which describes the action to take and optionally one or two parameters which describes the plugin on which the action has to be taken.

The start command takes a path as the first parameter and will load the plugin available from this path. Any additional parameters are passed to the plugin. It will wait for the plugin to complete the handshake with lightningd for 20 seconds at the most.

The stop command takes a plugin name as parameter. It will kill and unload the specified plugin.

The startdir command takes a directory path as first parameter and will load all plugins this directory contains. It will wait for each plugin to complete the handshake with lightningd for 20 seconds at the most.

The rescan command starts all not-already-loaded plugins from the default plugins directory (by default ~/.lightning/plugins).

The list command will return all the active plugins.

On success, an object is returned, containing:

command (string): the subcommand this is responding to (one of "start", "stop", "rescan", "startdir", "list")

If command is "start", "startdir", "rescan" or "list":

plugins (array of objects):
name (string): full pathname of the plugin
active (boolean): status; since plugins are configured asynchronously, a freshly started plugin may not appear immediately.

If command is "stop":

result (string): A message saying it successfully stopped

On error, the reason why the action could not be taken upon the plugin is returned.

Antoine Poinsot <> is mainly responsible.

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