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lightning-setchannelfee - Command for setting specific routing fees on a lightning channel

setchannelfee id [base] [ppm] [enforcedelay]

The setchannelfee RPC command sets channel specific routing fees as defined in BOLT #7. The channel has to be in normal or awaiting state. This can be checked by listpeers reporting a state of CHANNELD_NORMAL or CHANNELD_AWAITING_LOCKIN for the channel.

id is required and should contain a scid (short channel ID), channel id or peerid (pubkey) of the channel to be modified. If id is set to "all", the fees for all channels are updated that are in state CHANNELD_NORMAL or CHANNELD_AWAITING_LOCKIN.

base is an optional value in millisatoshi that is added as base fee to any routed payment. If the parameter is left out, the global config value fee-base will be used again. It can be a whole number, or a whole number ending in msat or sat, or a number with three decimal places ending in sat, or a number with 1 to 11 decimal places ending in btc.

ppm is an optional value that is added proportionally per-millionths to any routed payment volume in satoshi. For example, if ppm is 1,000 and 1,000,000 satoshi is being routed through the channel, an proportional fee of 1,000 satoshi is added, resulting in a 0.1% fee. If the parameter is left out, the global config value will be used again.

enforcedelay is the number of seconds to delay before enforcing the new fees (default 600, which is ten minutes). This gives the network a chance to catch up with the new rates and avoids rejecting HTLCs before they do. This only has an effect if rates are increased (we always allow users to overpay fees), only applies to a single rate increase per channel (we don't remember an arbitrary number of prior feerates) and if the node is restarted the updated fees are enforced immediately.

On success, an object is returned, containing:

base (u32): The fee_base_msat value
ppm (u32): The fee_proportional_millionths value
channels (array of objects): channel(s) whose rate is now set:
peer_id (pubkey): The node_id of the peer
channel_id (hex): The channel_id of the channel (always 64 characters)
short_channel_id (short_channel_id, optional): the short_channel_id (if locked in)

The following error codes may occur:

-1: Channel is in incorrect state, i.e. Catchall nonspecific error.
-32602: JSONRPC2_INVALID_PARAMS, i.e. Given id is not a channel ID or short channel ID.

Michael Schmoock <> is the author of this feature. Rusty Russell <> is mainly responsible for the c-lightning project.

lightningd-config(5), lightning-fundchannel(7), lightning-listchannels(7), lightning-listpeers(7)

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