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MHTML(7) FreeBSD Miscellaneous Information Manual MHTML(7)

mhtml - macros for formatting HTML

pic | tbl | eqn | htmlroff [ -man | -ms ] -mhtml file ...

This package of macro definitions provides convenient macros for formatting HTML. It is usually used along with macro packages such as and Mhtml replaces some macros defined in the other packages, so it should be listed after them on the htmlroff command line.

The following macros are defined:

.HTML title
Print an HTML header marking the output as HTML 4.01 loose transitional encoded in UTF. If given, the title is printed inside <title> tags. This macro opens the <html> tag, opens and closes the <head> section, and opens <body> . It invokes the .HEAD macro inside the <head> section. To add arbitrary lines to the header, append to .HEAD before invoking .HTML.
.FS, .FE
Accumulate footnotes and print them at the end of the document under a Notes heading. These replace the macros in To emit the notes accumulated so far, invoke .NOTES.
.PS, .PE
Replace input bracketed .PS and .PE with a PNG image corresponding to the output of running on the input.
.TS, .TE
Identical to .PS and .PE.
.B1 margin width, .B2
Format the input between .B1 and .B2 inside a box, with margin (default 10) pixels between the box and the text. The box is set to be width (default 60) percent of the current output width.


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