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Man Pages
OVDB_STAT(8) InterNetNews Documentation OVDB_STAT(8)

ovdb_stat - Display information from the ovdb database

ovdb_stat [-Hgci] [-r artnumrange] newsgroup [newsgroup ...]

ovdb_stat -HklmMtv [-d database]

ovdb_stat displays information from the ovdb database: Berkeley DB statistics, newsgroup data, and overview records. The output can optionally be in HTML format.

Newsgroup high water mark, low marker mark, article count, and flag for the given newsgroups (as stored in the ovdb groupinfo database) are displayed.
Similar to -g, except the high water mark, low water mark, and article count are calculated by actually scanning the overview records and counting them. This can be a lengthy operation on groups with lots of articles.
Internal data regarding the given newsgroups are displayed.
-r artnumrange
Overview records are retrieved. The artnumrange parameter may be a single article number, or a range of articles in the format "low-high".
Output is presented in HTML format.
Displays lock region statistics, as returned by the Berkeley DB lock_stat() call.
Displays log region statistics, as returned by the Berkeley DB log_stat() call.
Displays global memory pool statistics, as returned by the Berkeley DB memp_stat() call.
Same as -m, and also displays memory pool statistics for each database file.
Displays log region statistics, as returned by the Berkeley DB txn_stat() call.
Displays ovdb version, and Berkeley DB version.
-d database
Displays information about the given database, as returned by the Berkeley DB db->stat() call. This operation may take a long time on busy systems (several minutes or more).

ovdb_stat may be safely killed with the INT, TERM, or HUP signals. It catches those signals and exits cleanly. Do not kill ovdb_stat with other signals, unless absolutely necessary, because it may leave stale locks in the database environment.

Written by Heath Kehoe <> for InterNetNews.

2021-10-21 INN 2.7.0

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