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ofmipd(8) FreeBSD System Manager's Manual ofmipd(8)

ofmipd - accept outgoing mail through OFMIP

ofmipd [ name.cdb ]

ofmipd accepts mail messages through the Old-Fashioned Mail Injection Protocol (OFMIP), rewrites them according to local rules, and invokes qmail-queue to deposit them into the outgoing queue. ofmipd must be supplied several environment variables; see tcp-environ(5).

See for further information on OFMIP.

You can use tcpserver to set up ofmipd on a free TCP port. Some sites use port 26. Some sites use port 25 on an IP address that does not receive incoming mail.

Note that ofmipd will relay messages to any destination. It should be invoked only for connections from preauthorized users. With tcpserver you can deny connections that do not come from preauthorized IP addresses such as

Most MUAs that claim to be ``SMTP clients'' are actually OFMIP clients. You should point them at ofmipd rather than qmail-smtpd. Some MUAs will use port 26 of server if you tell them that the ``SMTP server'' is server:26.

ofmipd rewrites each message in essentially the same way that new-inject does. It transforms each envelope address as discussed in rewriting(5); it cleans up address lists in To, Cc, Notice-Requested-Upon-Delivery-To, From, Sender, Reply-To, Mail-Reply-To, and Mail-Followup-To; it adds Date and Message-ID; it discards Bcc, Apparently-To, Content-Length, and Return-Path; and it moves various fields to the top of the message.

ofmipd also transforms envelope sender addresses and From lines according to name.cdb if name.cdb is supplied. See ofmipname(8) for further details.

ofmipd accepts LF and CR LF as line terminators inside messages.

ofmipd does not do hop counting or local-IP-address recognition.

new-inject(1), tcpserver(1), addresses(5), tcp-environ(5), rewriting(5), qmail-control(5), qmail-queue(8), ofmipname(8)

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