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qjail-ipv6-testing(8) FreeBSD System Manager's Manual qjail-ipv6-testing(8)

Details explaining how to perform testing of ipv6 addresses used in qjail non-vnet and vnet jails.

Setting up host ipv6 connectivity from your public ISP or local ipv6 connectivity across your LAN.

This testing setup is limited to just the host where qjail is running. It's intended to be used to test the connectivity between the hosts ipv6 address and the ipv6 addresses you assigned to your qjail non-vnet jails and vnet jails to verify things are working as they should. The host's firewall should not have any bearing on this testing, But a firewall in the vnet jail will have an effect. To simplify things the vnet jail should not have any firewall running, or must have a rule to default to passing all ipv6 packets from the ping6 command.
ipv6 has a range of ipv6 ip address numbers reserved for local LAN use. Defined as fc00::/7 this is just like
To test qjail non-vnet jails and vnet jails for local ipv6 connectivity, the host needs a default local ipv6 ip address. Use this command on the host to create one. Replace fxp0 with the interface name your jails are using.

ifconfig fxp0 inet6 fc00::1 alias
and to remove it
ifconfig fxp0 inet6 fc00::1 -alias
The ipv6 addresses used for jail testing are coded like this.
qjail create -4 -6 fc00::2 non-vnet1   qjail create -4 -6 fc00::3,fc00::4,fc00::5 non-vnet2 qjail create -4 -6 fc00::6,fc00::7,fc00::8 vnet10
From a vnet jail console you can ping6 the hosts ipv6 address this way
ping6 -c 2 fc00::1
From the host you can ping6 any jail using its ipv6 address this way
ping6 -c 2 fc00::4 # This is the non-vnet2 jail
ping6 -c 2 fc00::7 # This is the vnet10 jail
For your information; as of 2016, Time Warner cable provider who is merging with spectrum provides ipv6 service as part of their normal internet service at no extra cost. This is becoming normal for all large internet services providers.

qjail(8), qjail-intro(8), qjail-howto(8), qjail-vnet-howto.8

Joe Barbish ⟨⟩
February 16, 2017 FreeBSD 12.0-RELEASE

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