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UPSDAEMON(8) FreeBSD System Manager's Manual UPSDAEMON(8)

Simple Program UPS for Unix

upsdaemon [device]

The upsdaemon is a simple program to monitor os (UPS) series APC-Pro. When the power fail, the UpsDaemon it effects shutdown the system.

To use the upsdaemon you must posses the qualified serial, device in kernel (sio).

The device is assumed to be /dev/cuad0 by default.

UpsDaemon: The program monitors the serial port, keeys DTR (Data Terminal Ready) raised and RTS (Request To Send) lowered. When the upsdaemon sees the RNG high, runs the upsdaemon-alerts (powerfail warning) and reports failure to syslog. If the power failure continued for 5 minutes (defined), the upsdaemon runs the upsdaemon-alerts (down), reports to syslog and makes the UPS to sleep by RTS. The power recovered within 5 minutes, the upsdaemon runs the upsdaemon-alerts (recovery) and continues to monitor the serial port for another powerfilure. In case the batter low is observed, the upsdaemon runs the upsdaemon-alerts (emergency shutdown now) immediately, reports to syslog and makes the UPS to sleep.

/usr/local/libexec/upsdaemon/upsdaemon-alerts [options]
Power failure warning Shell: A shell-script to inform users the power goes out and the system will be down soon. It generates log in: (/var/log/upsdaemon-alerts.log)
Shutdown Shell: A shell-script to shutdown the system cleanly. Its generates log in: (/var/log/upsdaemon-alerts.log)
Emergency shutdown Shellt: A shell-script to execute emergency halt for battery power failing. Its generates log in: (/var/log/upsdaemon-alerts.log)
Power recovery Shell: A shell-script to inform users the power has been restored and system shutdown was canceled. Its generates log in: (/var/log/upsdaemon-alerts.log)

Starting upsdaemon: /usr/local/etc/rc.d/upsdaemon

The UpsDaemon is connected to the serial port1 and default value /dev/cuad0 is used.

$ upsdaemon /dev/cuad0

The upsdaemon port is specified to be the serial port2 /dev/cuad1 using command argument.

$ upsdaemon /dev/cuad1

Webpage for UpsDaemon is at


Ederson de Moura <>
June 18, 2006 FreeBSD

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