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delete(n) [incr Tcl] delete(n)

delete - delete things in the interpreter

itcl::delete option ?arg arg ...?


The delete command is used to delete things in the interpreter. It is implemented as an ensemble, so extensions can add their own options and extend the behavior of this command. By default, the delete command handles the destruction of namespaces.
The option argument determines what action is carried out by the command. The legal options (which may be abbreviated) are:
delete class name ?name...?
Deletes one or more [incr Tcl] classes called name. This deletes all objects in the class, and all derived classes as well.
If an error is encountered while destructing an object, it will prevent the destruction of the class and any remaining objects. To destroy the entire class without regard for errors, use the " delete namespace" command.
delete object name ?name...?
Deletes one or more [incr Tcl] objects called name. An object is deleted by invoking all destructors in its class hierarchy, in order from most- to least-specific. If all destructors are successful, data associated with the object is deleted and the name is removed as a command from the interpreter.
If the access command for an object resides in another namespace, then its qualified name can be used:
itcl::delete object foo::bar::x
If an error is encountered while destructing an object, the delete command is aborted and the object remains alive. To destroy an object without regard for errors, use the " rename" command to destroy the object access command.
delete namespace name ?name...?
Deletes one or more namespaces called name. This deletes all commands and variables in the namespace, and deletes all child namespaces as well. When a namespace is deleted, it is automatically removed from the import lists of all other namespaces.

namespace, proc, variable, ensemble
3.0 itcl

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