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bullet Introduction
iManager iManager2 is a Web based Virtual Private Server administration tool which allows you to manage many of the common tasks involved in regular server administration. In addition to basic user and sub-host configuration tools, it includes an IMAP style E-mail manager and an easy to use Virtual Private Server file manager.
  • File Manager
    The File Manager gives you full control of your files, allowing you to upload, download, edit, move, delete, or copy your files using an easy to understand graphical interface.

  • E-Mail Manager
    The Mail Manager functions like an IMAP E-Mail client program, allowing users to check, send, and store their E-Mail through a convenient Web-based interface.

  • Tools and Wizards
    The Tools and Wizards allow you to manage your Virtual Private Server, including managing users, E-Mail accounts, autoresponders, and spam controls.

  • Multi-Language Support
    iManager is now available in French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish. The default language can easily be changed in the language preferences section.

  • Virtual Hosting Support
    Virtual Hosting setup and maintenance in the Apache configuration file can now be easily done through the new Virtual Hosts Utility. Apache can also be restarted through this utility.

  • Preferences
    Certain aspects of the File Manager, Mail Manager, and the administrative Tools and Wizards can be customized to your own liking. For example, by default you are prompted to confirm the removal of a file or a mail message. Using the Preferences wizards, you can turn this confirmation off.


bullet Installation

To install iManager2 on your Virtual Private Server, use the vinstall utility.

% vinstall imanager2

This will install the iManager2 program files in the ~/usr/local/etc/httpd/htdocs/imanager/ directory on your Virtual Private Server. You can access iManager2 in your Web browser by going to the following URL.


Any Virtual Sub-User with E-mail and FTP permissions can use the E-Mail and File manager utilities in iManager2. In addition, the Virtual Private Server primary user account can has access to a number of tools for managing various settings on the Virtual Private Server (including managing accounts, virtual sub-hosts, and more).


bullet Documentation
For more information about using iManager, see the following


bullet More Information
For a demonstration on iManager features, see:

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