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Helix Universal Server

bullet Introduction
The Helix Universal Media Server is the only universal platform with support for live and on-demand delivery of all major file formats, including Real Media, Flash, Windows Media, QuickTime, MPEG 4, MP3, and more. It also accepts live encoder connections for these file formats, increasing content creation flexibility and preserving investments in automated encoding systems.

A full or 30-day trial version of the software is available.


bullet Installation
Connect to your Virtual Private Server via Telnet or SSH and complete the following steps.
  1. Download the Helix Universal Server software.

  2. Create an install directory for Real Server. Issue these commands while connected to your server via Telnet or SSH:

    % cd
    % mkdir ~/usr/local/real
  3. Upload the Installation software (in BINARY format, if you are using FTP) to this new install directory.

  4. If you entered the registration information correctly when downloading the software, a Real Server Evaluation license key file will be e-mailed to you by RealNetworks. RealNetworks offers the following advice for uploading your license key:

    Your license file for your Helix Universal Server will be corrupted if it is transferred from one computer to another via FTP as a text document. Doing so will cause changes in the file to the degree that the checksum the Helix Universal Server runs on the installed license file at startup will fail, and the Helix Universal Server will not start. The file can be successfully transferred via FTP as a binary document.

  5. Run the setup utility by issuing the following commands (the example is the file for FreeBSD installation. Change the filename to the name of the file you downloaded from RealNetworks):

  6. % cd ~/usr/local/real
    % chmod 755 rs900-freebsd4-ia32.bin
    % ./rs900-freebsd4-ia32.bin

    The installation program will now run, stopping when it needs further information (outlined below).

    • Enter directory path to the RealServer license key file

    • Accept End User License Agreement

    Choose "Accept" to accept the terms of this
    license agreement and continue with RealServer setup.
    If you do not accept these terms, enter "No"
    and installation of RealServer will be cancelled.
    [Default: Accept]:
    • Enter the complete path to the directory where Helix Server is to be installed.
      You must specify the FULL pathname of the directory and have write privileges to that chosen directory.

    • Enter a username and password you will use to access the web-based RealSystem Administrator, the RealSystem monitors, and RealSystem live encoders

    Username: (we suggest you use your VPS login)
    Password: (we suggest you use your VPS password)
    • Enter PNA, RTSP, HTTP, and RealServer Administrator, connection port numbers

    NOTE: Before accepting the defaults, please verify the ports you select are not already being used, or will interfere with ports in use, on your server. For all of the ports, you must choose a port number greater than 1024.

    PNA connections. These connections have URLs that begin with "pnm://"[Default: 7070]:
    RTSP connections. These connections have URLs that begin with "rtsp://"[Default: 554]: 5540
    HTTP connections. These connections have URLs that begin with "http://"[Default: 80]: 8080
    • The RealSystem Administrator port will be initialized to a random value for security. Again, verify that selecting this port will not interfere with ports already in use.

    • The following RealServer configuration will be displayed:

    Admin Username:         LOGIN
    Admin Password:         PASSWORD
    Monitor Password:       PASSWORD
    Encoder Username:       LOGIN
    Encoder Password:       PASSWORD
    PNA Port:               7070
    RTSP Port:              5540
    HTTP Port:              8080
    Admin Port:             1472 (random value)
    Enter [F]inish to begin copying files, or [P]revious to go back to the previous prompts: F

    NOTE: If there is an error in the list displayed, type P. This will take you back to the username prompt in the installation. For your convenience, the information you originally entered is now the default.

    • When the setup utility gives you the option to start RealSystem Administrator, type "No". Before you can start the RealServer you must make one other addition to the configuration file

  7. Add the following lines to the end of the rmserver.cfg file:

  8. <List Name="IPBindings">
    <Var Address_01="VPS.IP.Add.ress"/>
  9. Start the Helix server

  10. % Bin/rmserver -m 32 rmserver.cfg

    You should also add the following line to your Virtual Private Server rc file (~/etc/rc ) so RealServer will automatically start in case of a host machine reboot.

    ~/usr/local/real/Bin/rmserver -m 32 ~/usr/local/real/rmserver.cfg


bullet Did It Work?
To make sure Helix Server is running correctly, connect to the RealSystem Administrator using the following URL:

NOTE: "1472" is the random setting for the RealSystem Admin port used in the example above. Substitute the port number selected by the system/you when you ran the setup utility.

After successfully logging in to the Helix Server, the Admin page will display. The menu on the left will display the following links:

Server Setup
Logging & Monitoring
Broadcast Distribution
Content Management

Click "Server Setup." The following links will display:

IP Binding
MIME Types Connection Control
Redundant Servers
Mount Points
URL Aliasing
HTTP Delivery
Cache Directives
Shared Licensing
User/Group Name
Media Samples

Click "Media Samples." The available media samples will display. Click any of the media samples to test the streaming ports. If the software for the media types is not currently installed on your PC, you will be prompted to download/install it before you can play the clip.


bullet Serving Real Media
Now that you have successfully installed and tested RealServer, you are ready to Serve Real Media from your Web site.

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