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VPS v2: Procmail: E-Mail Sorting and Filtering Utility

bullet Introduction

Procmail is an Email processing utility and language. It can be used to filter incoming Email and process it.


bullet Installation

Procmail can be installed in two different ways on your Virtual Private Server. The best way is to use procmail as your Local Delivery Agent (LDA).

To install procmail as your LDA, run the following command as root from your Virtual Private Server SSH or Telnet command prompt:

% vinstall procmail-lda

There are some occasions when you might want to have procmail available without having it as your LDA. You can install procmail without configuring it as your LDA by running the following command as root from your Virtual Private Server command prompt:

% vinstall procmail


bullet Configuring Procmail

You can customize the behavior of procmail by creating a procmailrc file. The file must be located in your /usr/local/etc/ directory, or a user can have a .procmailrc file in their home directory.

The following document discusses a few good mail filtering recipes you can create for procmail.


bullet Documentation

NOTE: All questions sent to the Support Staff with regard to Procmail configuration will be answered with a URL to this page.

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