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VPS v2: Online User Manual

bullet Introduction

Welcome to the VPS v2 Online User Manual. VPS v2 reflects our goal to provide a shared hosting solution with the power and flexibility of a dedicated UNIX server. This manual provides information about, and instruction for using, the most common capabilities of VPS v2. This is by no means a complete or detailed compilation of everything that is possible with a VPS v2, nor does it attempt to duplicate the already existing documentation for the FreeBSD operating system on which VPS v2 is based.

The VPS v2 environment is intended to look and act as close to a dedicated FreeBSD server as possible, while still sharing the physical server with other VPS v2 servers. In addition to reducing the cost of a VPS v2 compared to a dedicated UNIX server. This system allows our highly trained System Administrators and Technical Support representatives to manage the core functionality of the servers, including initial configuration. The VPS v2 administrator is left with the ability to configure and manage all the main services, including Email, Shell, Web, and FTP, as well as the power to expand the abilities of the VPS v2.

Basic VPS v2 Administration

The Basic Administration section includes descriptions of the major features of VPS v2, along with instruction on using and configuring these features, including VPS v2 User Accounts, Using the VPS v2 Shell, Moving Files to and from your VPS v2, Using your VPS v2 for Email, and Your VPS v2 Web Server.

There is also a Getting Started Guide to familiarize the new VPS v2 administrator with the steps involved in managing the server to help you learn and use the capabilities of your VPS v2.

Advanced VPS v2 Administration

The Advanced Administration section contains helpful information about some of the features and tools available to extend the capabilities of your VPS v2.

VPS v2 QuickFind

The VPS v2 QuickFind page is a topical listing of many of the subjects covered in the online documentation, and is a great way for administrators to quickly get to the information they're looking for.


Answers to some of the common questions regarding the VPS v2 platform

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